Learning Japanese – おおいた国際交流プラザ

Learning Japanese

We support local foreign nationals who are studying the Japanese language.

Learning Japanese

Creating safe and supportive regional environments where foreign residents can smoothly navigate through the private and social spheres of life as members of the community is paramount to us. As part of our effort, we provide support to Japanese language classrooms and volunteers in various regions.

Multilingual Information

Website for Studying the Japanese Language: ‘Foreigners as Residents’ (Agency for Cultural Affairs)

Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese


This website is for foreign nationals living in Japan to learn the Japanese language in order to communicate in Japanese and be able to use it in daily life. Learning contents can be chosen based on your Japanese level, the situation that interests you, and keywords. Study and use Japanese to connect with society and broaden life’s possibilities.


【Scenes from daily life: Watch and learn】

In additional to Japanese, you can also visit the site in five other languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese).

Japanese  https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/
English https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/?lang_id=EN
Simplified Chinese https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/?lang_id=ZH
Portuguese https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/?lang_id=PT
Spanish https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/?lang_id=ES
Vietnamese https://tsunagarujp.bunka.go.jp/?lang_id=VI

(You can simply switch to another language at any time by clicking the tabs next to ‘LANGUAGE’.)


Japanese Language Classrooms

There are various volunteer-facilitated Japanese Language Classrooms around Oita prefecture.
The schedules of Japanese Language Classrooms are subject to change. Please contact individual organizers for more details.

※Attention: Schedules of Japanese Language Classrooms are more prone to changes than usual due to the effects of COVID-19.
Please contact the organizer in advance to confirm whether the class is running.


Contents coming soon.

Activities Around Oita

We are currently investigating the status of Japanese Language Classrooms around Oita.
If you have any information to provide, please contact the Oita International Plaza.


Past Trainings

・Seminar for Supporters of Japanese Language Studies in the Hita Region, Sun, Nov 17, 2019

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