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生活(せいかつ)を 支(ささ)える ための 支援策(しえんさく)の ご案内(あんない)【法務省】

Announcement to foreign nationals who have experienced disruptions in their workplace (Immigration Bureau of Japan)


Free Talk Classの再開について


【Requests to Event Participants】

Residence and Special Cash Payment Application Procedures for Individuals Who Face Difficulties in Returning to Their Home

Free Regular Consultations (June)

Free Regular Consultations (May)

About the new Coronavirus

The announcement of the temporary loan emergency funds

【Visitors to the Plaza】

【Guests using our consultation services】


Published the public relations magazine vol.4

The homepage was renewed

Notice: Change of operation times from April 1.

Events Postponed for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19

Free Regular Consultations (April)

Free Regular Consultations (March)

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