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July-September 2015 THE TOMBO

The July-September 2015 edition of THE TOMBO is HERE!

To access past issues click HERE! 

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Free Regular Consultations (July)

Oita International Plaza offer FREE consultations for international residents of Oita Prefecture.


Chinese Consultation: Every Thursday 10am-1pm

Tagalog Consultation: 1pm-4pm on Saturday July 4th and Tuesday July 21st

Legal Consultation: 1pm-4pm on Sunday July 5th and Wednesday July 15th


*Interpretation into languages other than Japanese and English may be available with a reservation at least 2 days prior to the consulting day (there are no guarantees).


—Oita International Plaza—

☎097-533-4021   ✉s_watanabe@emo.or.jp

20-06 13:00 2015 

Event Info: “Happy Talk”

Hapy Talk

“Happy Talk” is an event held at the OIP.

Next event will be held on Saturday, July 11th 1pm-2:30pm.

Come practice speaking Japanese with other learners and native speakers.

Participation fee & reservations are NOT necessary!!

For more details please refer to the facebook 8-)

*Oita International Plaza is NOT a sponsor of this event.

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