Training – おおいた国際交流プラザ


The plaza conducts training seminars related to consultation services.


Training contents:

Amendments in residency statuses for foreign nationals, consultation skills development, promoting Yasashii Nihongo (‘Simple Japanese’)


① Facilities where the consultants and municipal supervisors are based
➁ Business travel trainings for local administrative and commercial entities

About our training

Five sessions of ‘Skills Development Seminars for Consultants of the Oita Information & Support Center’ were held between Dec, 2019~Feb, 2020

To improve the effectiveness of consultation services with foreigners, the Oita Information & Support Center held five sessions of ‘Skills Development Seminars for Consultants of the Oita Information & Support Center’ with professional consultants, consultants for foreign languages and the center’s consulting staff. The seminar contents placed an emphasis on supervisors for the promotion of multiculturalism and foreign workers in local municipalities. The seminar explored the theme of ‘how to look for the real intentions of the client [and] how to dive deeper into the conversation’ among other topics. Fukushima Takashi, the Deputy General Manager at the Business Administration Department of Life Consul Oita KK, acted as the lecturer and conducted the seminars in the form of workshops. Through practicing confirmation, repetition, paraphrasing, condensing summaries and notetaking, participants took part in the training by studying case scenarios posing conflict situations and understanding the needs of clients in the process. While the covered topics were familiar matters related to law, daily life and residency, the seminars nevertheless proved to be very effective in further developing the participants’ skillsets.

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