Training – おおいた国際交流プラザ


The plaza conducts training seminars related to consultation services.


Training contents:

Amendments in residency statuses for foreign nationals, consultation skills development, promoting Simple Japanese (yasashii nihongo).


① Facilities where the consultants and municipal supervisors are based
➁ On-site training for local administrative organisations and financial entities.

About our training

Five sessions of ‘Skills Development Seminars for Consultants of the Oita Information & Support Center’ were held between Dec, 2019~Feb, 2020

To improve the effectiveness of consultation services for foreigners, the Oita Information & Support Center held five sessions of ‘Skills Development Seminars for Consultants of the Oita Information & Support Center’ for professional consultants, consultants for foreign languages and the center’s consulting staff.

The head of business administration, Fukushima Takashi, conducted the training, with the underlying theme of the workshop being ‘approaches that pinpoint the intention of the caller… and techniques and strategies for deepening the conversation to uncover this’. The training took place by utilising case studies to understand the techniques for managing consultations, and forming a process out of these. These techniques include the usage of interjections, both repeating and rewording the caller’s information, then summarising this, and note-taking, as well as understanding the intentions of the caller in distress and establishing their particular needs.

Whilst the training covered topics familiar to many, including legal matters, day-to-day life and residency issues, it was designed to effectively solve the problems given in example situations by following the above process.

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