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Regarding Future Measures in Response to COVID-19 (January 22, 2021) (Oita Prefecture Government)

Regarding Future Measures in Response to COVID-19

January 22, 2021
Oita Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters

              New cases of COVID-19 have seen a rapid increase in Oita prefecture, yesterday we had 33 new cases which was largest daily total thus far. Today we have had 26 new cases reported.

This has been attributed to 3 outbreaks occurring at; a medical facility, a child welfare institution, and a family dinner. In total, Oita prefecture now has over 1,000 confirmed cases (1,014 cases).

We would like to thank all citizens and business entities in Oita for cooperating in implementing countermeasure against spread of COVID-19. We would also like to express thanks to the people who are working diligently at a frontline medical and welfare facilities.

There may be some who have grown tired of all the countermeasures as this situation becomes long-term, but we ask for your continued cooperation.


In regard to the recent cases, the individual, thought to be the cause of the recent outbreak at a medical institution, originally returned a negative result by PCR test. It is believed the infection developed after hospitalization and then spread.

In medical and social welfare facilities, staff and clients are taking measures such as daily health checks. Since containment by early detection is important, we are conducting test for any staff or clients who have a fever and related symptoms and are therefore suspected of infection.


Regarding dining, we had previously asked people to make a measured judgement regarding including family members from areas which declared a state of emergency, or where infection has spread. However, in this latest case the outbreak occurred among family who live within the same city. They implemented countermeasures such as sanitizing hands and providing ventilation, but what’s thought to be cause was the large number of people dining together for long time, and we feel we need to renew people’s sense of awareness regarding the risks of such gatherings.


Due to these recent events, we continue to ask citizen of Oita to make a measured judgement regarding dining, and if you decide to dine together, even within a family, again we ask you to exercise great caution and implement countermeasures such as;  having dinner with small numbers of people and for a short time, wear masks when you talk, and avoid close and crowded situations.

If you are using a restaurant,  please look for a POP display “Safety is Tasty (安心はおいしい)” and select a restaurant which complies with spread of infection prevention guidelines.


Until the lifting of restrictions of the Emergency Declaration based on the enactment of the Act on Special Measures for Pandemic Influenza and New Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response, please continue to cooperate as follows:


1. Please refrain from non-essential and non-urgent travel to areas where emergency declarations have been made. Even if it is not a declared region, please use your judgement regarding travel to areas with increasing infection rates.

For the other regions, according to the infection status etc., please act according to the circumstances.

If you visit areas of emergency declaration or areas with increased spread of infection, and fever and cold symptoms appear, please contact your local medical facility as soon as possible.

For foreign language consultation center dial 092-687-4893

(*Japanese consultation, please dial 097-506-2755)


2. Basic infection prevention measures and etc.

(1) Thoroughly wash your hands, wear a mask, keep physical distances and avoid

“3Cs” and implement basic prevention measures diligently.


(2) Ventilate rooms from time to time, keep moderate temperature and humidity

(Room temperature above 18℃ and humidity over 40%).



Within Oita prefecture, we expect to start with prioritized vaccinations for medical workers from mid-March. Afterwards, we plan to implement vaccinations for the elderly and people who have a primary illness.


We will continue to cooperate with municipalities and medical associations in order to provide vaccinations as soon as a vaccine is approved.



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