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Future action related to COVID-19 Dec.8.2020 (Oita Prefecture Government)

 Future action related to COVID-19

                                                                                       December 8, 2020

COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters

 The Oita Prefecture has confirmed 249 new cases of COVID-19 infection over the span of one month.
In comparison to the first and second waves, the infection has spread among a larger group of people
within a shorter timeframe.

 Due to the increasing number of new cases, hospital bed occupancy rates have risen to 25.6%,
exceeding the 20% limit criteria for the Stage 3 phase. Overall, Oita currently remains at Stage 2 phase,
which indicates a high burden on the medical infrastructure. Following these premises, the prefecture
requests that residents pay close attention to the following:

(1)62 cases (25% of the latest cases) occurred from group dining and drinking sessions.

(2)80 cases (32% of the latest cases) reported patients who are in their 60s or older,
and/or pose higher risks for developing severe conditions

The abovementioned groups account for a high proportion of overall cases.

 Due to current circumstances, the Oita Prefecture requests that residents partake in the following
measures until the end of the year:

1  Pay attention to trends occurring across different regions, and exercise extra caution when
planning group dining or  drinking sessions. When dining out with others, look out for  the POP
display ‘Reassurance is Appetising’ (‘Anshin wa  oishii’ ‘安心はおいしい’) and choose establishments
that follow  Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19. In addition, always implement infection
prevention measures  such as wearing a mask during conversations.

2  Elderlies and individuals with underlying health conditions should perform infection prevention measures
thoroughly when going outdoors – crowded areas that may cause the overlap of the 3Cs, in particular,
should be avoided.

3  The Oita Prefecture would like to remind residents to partake in the following actions.

(1) Wash hands diligently, practice good coughing etiquette and wear a mask correctly. Exercise social
distancing, avoid the  3Cs and conduct basic infection control measures.

(2) Ventilate indoor spaces frequently and maintain appropriate heating and humidity levels.
(Rooms should ideally be heated to temperatures of 18°C or above, with humidity levels of 40% or higher)

(3) Plan out seating arrangements for dining sessions. Avoid crowded, close-contact settings, refrain from
talking loudly and wear a mask during conversations.

(4) Remain alert to trends occurring in different regions and act according to circumstances during travels.

 Although circumstances may be challenging, the Oita Prefecture would like to request for the ongoing
understanding and support from all residents.

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