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Current Status of COVID-19(Oita Prefecture Government)

Current Status of COVID-19

November 28, 2020
COVID-19 Countermeasures Headquarters

Infection status of COVID-19 in our prefecture: today we have counted 18 new cases. 7 of these cases (39%) were acquired from an unknown source.

Due to the understanding and cooperation of the people of Oita prefecture, we had been able to remain at “Stage I” which has a lower degree of urgency. However, due to the current situation including bed occupancy rates and the higher percentage of untraceable infection cases, we are now moving to “Stage II” due to the anticipated increased strain on medical facilities.

We are concerned by the sharp increase in infection cases over shorter periods of time. During the second wave in the summer, 98 cases were confirmed within a 6-week period. However now, in the third wave, we have confirmed 114 cases in only 3 weeks.
This is at least partly due to the lower temperature and humidity during winter. In addition to this, insufficient ventilation is enabling COVID-19 to spread easily.

Therefore, we are again urging the people of Oita to follow these countermeasures with a greater sense of diligence.

  1. Wash your hands, practice good coughing manners and wear a mask properly. Maintain physical distances, avoid the “3Cs” and conduct basic infection control thoroughly.
  2. Frequently ventilate indoor spaces and keep appropriate heating and moisture levels. (Ideally, room temperature above18°C, humidity above 40%)
  3. Consider seating arrangements during dining, avoid closed, crowded situations, avoid talking loudly and while talking wear a mask properly.
  4. For business trips and private travel, in order to avoid the spread of infection, be aware of the status of infection in each region and act accordingly.

Of great concern is the increase in untraceable infection cases. If anyone is worried about symptoms such as fever or feelings of lethargy, please contact your local medical institute and arrange a check-up.

If we confirm an infection case, health centers will conduct a comprehensive contact tracing, so we would like to ask for your cooperation in this.

In case of infection, we will also ask you to cooperate by installing a COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) to trace your contacts for 2 weeks.


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