Oita International Plaza Events

Services and events currently offered at the Oita International Plaza.

Support for International Residents

Free Consultation (Legal/Chinese/Tagalog)*This month’s schedule
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E-mail Newsletter OIPMJoin the Oita International Plaza E-mail Newsletter OIPM and receive information on events and life in Oita Prefecture.
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Exchange SpaceAt an exchange space, it is about a life, medical treatment, the culture of Oita, etc. Many information is offered.
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Message BoardThe message board is for all Oita Prefecture residents. Please use it to buy or sell something, advertise your next event, or look for a job.
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GalleryThe Oita International Plaza runs the gallery to help introduce the residents of Oita to the international exchange and cooperation activities in Oita.
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LibraryWhy don't you use our Multilingual Library? We also take donations of books at any time. ※for more information

Various Seminars

International Understanding SeminarAt the Oita International Plaza we hold a number of International Understanding Seminars on the themes of international exchange, international cooperation and multicultural living. The goals of these seminars are cultivating prefectural citizens’ international sensibility and deepening their interest in foreign cultures.
International Exchange Training WorkshopsThe Oita International Plaza holds a variety of training workshops and opinion exchange sessions on a number of themes picked up from several issues relating to international exchange in Oita Prefecture. These training workshops are aimed at prefectural organizations and non-governmental organizations in charge of international exchange, with the goal of deepening understanding of the present state of international exchange projects and discussing a common awareness of issues.
Volunteer Skill-up SeminarThe Oita International Plaza holds ‘Skill-up’ Seminars on a number of themes for registered volunteers in order to improve their skills and increase their awareness on a number of topics.

Opportunities for International Exchange

International Tanabata FestaThe Oita International Plaza has co-sponsored the "Oita Tanabata Festival" that is organized by Oita City. We are holding performances such as ethnic clothes parade and traditional music and dance by international residents in Oita Prefecture.

Volunteer Registration and Introduction

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